We also produce commercials, music videos, visualisation and motion graphics.

Music Videos

Digital animation in music videos has evolved exponentially and we are now able to offer our clients music videos featuring full CGI, motion capture and 3D scanning combined to produce beautiful results, even for lower budgets such as our featured video - a music video for GoGo Penguin's song Window.

The video touches on themes of belonging and loneliness. The emotion portrayed by the deceptively sparse main character was brought to life by four minutes of full frame CGI featuring motion capture, crowd simulation and 3D scanned environments. The result is a starkly beautiful animation to accompany the memorable tune.

The timescale and budget for the video were strict - but we always relish a challenge - and we couldn’t be happier with how the video was realised. Thanks to our talented team we were able to bring the project in on time and within budget.

Visualisation & Commercial Videos

It can be hard to engage your customers in the changes or benefits of your products. The internet and advertising in general no longer has a 'captive audience'. Your customers will quickly click away or lose interest if you are not fully engaging them. That is one of the benefits of CGI - we can show off your products or services in ways which your customers have never seen before. Holding interest is especially important at events such as trade shows - a big screen showing off a CGI demonstration of the benefits of your product can help to entice passing crowds to your booth which can then lead to the all important verbal interactions.

Our featured video here is a photorealistic rendering of a door and all the security benefits it offers.

Over the year we've created stunning visualisations for various products in many different forms - from websites with full motion video that triggers as you scroll through the website, we've also 3D scanned products which can either be embedded on a website as real 3D objects your customers can look around or they can be rendered with more control than a physical photoshoot - all tailored to create the pristine look that your product deserves.