GoGo Penguin Music Video

Digital animation in music videos has evolved exponentially since the lovably blocky removal men of Dire Straits and Money for Nothing. Recently we added our mark to the digital music world after working on a video for Window by Gogo Penguin.

The video was a collaboration with director and filmmaker Antony Barkworth-Knight and touches on themes of belonging and loneliness. The emotion portrayed by the deceptively sparse main character was brought to life by four minutes of full frame CGI featuring motion capture, crowd simulation and 3D scanned environments. The result is a starkly beautiful animation to accompany the memorable tune.

GoGo penguin are a Manchester based jazz electronica band who also perform rock and even video game soundtracks. They’ve toured across the globe and have released five albums including A Humdrum Star and were a Mercury prize album of the year in 2014.

The timescale and budget for the video were strict - but we always relish a challenge - and we couldn’t be happier with how the video was realised. Thanks to our talented team and excellent creative collaboration with Director Antony Barkworth-Knight and performance capture artist Matt Melbourne we were able to bring the project in on time and within budget.

To a degree, every piece of work we help bring to life expresses who we are and what we do, but this short tale of the stone man has rolled into a special place in our affections. It’s always satisfying when a project is fueled by passion and we can be a part of it.

Eddy Strickland