Merry Christmas from Gelato!


The Krampus of Christmas was up to bad business,
monitoring Manchester and bearing foul witness,
searching for places that forgot about Christmas.

Spotting a light away in the darkness,
Gelato became his unwilling target,
there he would start his devilish harvest.

Krampus leapt forward on black cloven hoof,
and clattered on to the studio roof,
then stalked swiftly inside to discover the proof.

He curled and he slithered then spied through the door,
he watched and he waited feeling quite sure,
that here he’d find shouting, or swearing or more.

Krampus sneered in excitement and tried to decide,
the most fitting punishment for those left inside,
but instead he got a yuletide surprise.

They pulled crackers! Wore jumpers and small paper hats,
they swapped presents of note and presents of tat,
the boss even wore his most festive spatz.

Krampus recoiled and considered to flee,
too much cheer for the season, too much Christmas of tree,
He was spotted by the revellers, “Is that Krampus I see?”

Krampus dropped to the floor and flashed his cruel eyes,
he wanted to scare them but couldn’t disguise,
the one darkest secret - his love for mince pies.

He took one pie then two, three and then four,
he smiled as he ate them so they gave him some more,
Krampus mellowed at Gelato like never before.

Krampus stayed for the party and danced the night through,
He forgot all about what he was meant to do,
So from Gelato, and Krampus, Merry Christmas to you!

We hope you enjoyed our annual Gelato Xmas poem. You can catch up on our previous Christmas poems here: 2016, 2017.

We hope you all have a wonderful winter break and a fantastic new year!

Eddy Strickland