CELive 2017

England has a long history of world class creativity and having just returned from our first ever Creative England Live we know that our creative future is even brighter.

Creative England Live 2017 is a showcase for the incredible work being produced across England from sectors including virtual reality, animation, visual effects, gaming, film and television. There are live demos, stalls and stands plus insightful live talks all mixed with the occasional coffee break.

We were set in the Nexus Zone which covered companies involved with technology, games and visual arts. We displayed a range of our wares at the show and had a great time showing what Gelato can offer. Across the event we had a member of the team displaying our full body motion capture process as well as running our ever expanding showreel. Perhaps most fun of all was getting volunteers to try our live 3D face scanning. Of course bringing our works live to the showroom floor meant the transport of several monitors, routers and enough processing power to jumpstart the matrix, but it was well worth it.

The event was crammed with examples of the creativity that flows through English industry. We took the time to enjoy our first VR experience and caught footage from @HammerheadVR’s upcoming title.

Through the event we met a whole raft of our contemporaries and made some exciting new connections. It was wonderful to see our work being enjoyed live and we’ll most definitely be attending again next year.

Eddy Strickland