Merry Christmas from Gelato!


It was the wee small hours,
At Gelato towers,
And the snowflakes were starting to fall.

Inside of a room,
A party in bloom.
The colleagues all having a ball.

Merry toasts being made,
Social graces waylaid,
“Merry Christmas!” went out the cry

They admired the gifts,
And the food yet to shift
“Alright then, I’ll give it a try”

Then all of a sudden,
Darkness upon them,
The room went impossibly black

“What’s happened here?”
“Who’s nicked me beer?”
“Is the party under attack?”

The power had gone,
The lights and then some.
The music had ended as well

“I can’t see a thing”
“And now I won’t sing”
“Crikey man what is that smell?”

The scent of fur,
A quick red blur,
A guest who seemed uninvited

The redness increased,
A smiley brown beast.
The party was growing excited

Rudolph the red!
Stopped the sleigh that he lead,
To ensure that the revelers could party

So the shindig went on,
Till Christmas had come,
And they left feeling very Gelati!

We hope you enjoyed our annual Gelato Xmas poem. If you missed our 2016 Christmas Poem you can read it here. We hope you all have a wonderful winter break and a fantastic new year.

Eddy Strickland