Moving On Up

In 1993 M people sang “we’re moving on up, moving on out”. Was this a moment of pop music based soothsayery especially for the day we moved into our new office? You’d have to ask the people of M people, but we like to think so. Today we’re moving!


As we pack up our pencils and brace our base units we can’t help but feel a little sad to be leaving our old studio. It was a fine room, from the view out of the window to the..........giant cow on the wall. These walls have seen Gelato grow in numbers and the scope of our projects so it’ll always have a place in our history.


Our shiny new home is in a beautiful red brick building on Lever street. There’s even a cafe opposite so we can nip out for tea and crumpets should the mood take us. Which is does, often, too often, man we love crumpets, we’re now eating crumpets. The new space is larger than our old place so we’ll have room to take on more complicated and specialised projects. We’re especially taken with the exposed beams which we can say now will never be used to house nerf gun targets. 


So here we go. A new chapter for Gelato which we know will be every part as fun, challenging and exciting as our journey so far has been. We’ll keep you posted on the quality of the crumpets as we go!

Eddy Strickland