A tail against stress

Are you reading this through heavy bloodshot eyes? Does the idea of typing another email or another hundred frames of roto make you want to hurl your chair out of the window? Then you are stressed and you’re not alone in it. This week Gelato VFX took an adorably fluffy stand against stress.

It should be noted that our choice is only stress reducing if you’re not allergic to cats and cafes. If you are allergic then The Cat Cafe Manchester is probably best avoided. If you’re allergic to cafes, well then you have our sympathies as you must have missed out on some truly tinned breakfasts. What could be more peaceful than floppy felines generally milling about, not giving a hoot for anything except sunbeams and attacking the mysterious red dot that keeps appearing. They truly are wise animals.

On entering the cafe we put on special “overshoes” - which didn’t turn out to be the shoes which ruled over all other shoes, shoelluminati confirmed - but were covers for our street spatz. We were bursting at the seams to meet our new friends but were confronted with the news that cats are union. When we were ready to meet the cats they were asleep. All of them. En masse. But since Gelato VFX is pro workers rights we waited with free coffees until the mandated cat nap was finished. 

It was worth the wait and the time spent with the moggies left us less stressed than, well, a cat really. We met all the cats in the cafe and honestly, if you’re on the verge of destroying your stress ball you really should meet the cats too. Just make sure they’re not on an official dinner break or in the middle of labour negotiations when you arrive.

The fluff filled paws of Aslan the cat .

The fluff filled paws of Aslan the cat.

Eddy Strickland