Merry Christmas from Gelato!

Twas the night before Christmas, and up at Gelato, the people were singing, just a little vibrato.

The work was all finished, the PC’s were still, no more typing of keyboards, no more pixels to fill.

The artists were happy, they were all filled with hope, no more image uniting, not one roto to scope.

They leapt from their swivels, and offered with glee, “whose round is the first one?”, “defo not me”.

The boss man stood up, and surveyed his troops, he went to speak, his face started to droop.

With work so persistent, work everyday’s fuel, he’d forgotten the pressies, the parcels of yule.

He scoured his desk, he hunted for treats, clips for their paper? The socks from his feet? 

The troops stood and stared, they offered no quarter, they pondered if gifts, were kept in the corner.

It all was too much, for now nervous chief, “your presents were here, there must be a thief!”

“A thief!”, the room echoed, “at this time of year, they’ve stolen our presents, and nicked our cheer".

“We must find this rogue, we must stop the black hearted!”, “Calm down lads, the Muppets has started.”  

With all looking grim, hope hangs by a thread,  a sound on the roof, they all raised their heads.

“The thief” someone called, “He makes his escape!”, “Not if we catch him, quick grab the duct tape.”

The rabble ascended, and burst onto the roof, they discovered no thief, but did find a hoof.

The print of a hoof, outlined in the snow, and fresh sleigh tracks, but where did they go?

Gelato looked up, and caught in the sky, a glimpse of a reindeer, and a jolly red guy.

Shocked and amazed, they gasped and they wondered, could it be him, would he have bothered?

They stared and they strained, until he was gone, they thought it was freezing, and it must be a con.

Back to the office, no gifts for the tree, they opened the door, and what did they see? 

Bright shiny boxes, wrapped up with care, gifts for the geeky, which they were to be fair. 

That great film on blu-ray, a new mouse and pad, so many steam vouchers, the complete breaking bad.

And so Christmas was saved, by the you know who, and from Gelato, Merry Christmas to you!  

Eddy Strickland