Launch of new service: Performance Capture

A typical skeleton generated by our performance capture.

A typical skeleton generated by our performance capture.

Today we're proud to announce that a brand new service has arrived at Gelato Visual Effects. We are now offering performance capture.

Performance capture, also known as motion capture or 'mocap' is the process of recording the movement of human or props so that motion can be applied to a 3D model. 

We're using the latest in performance capture technology to provide an affordable motion capture solution for your project. Traditional motion capture uses an optical system to capture the performance of the artist or actor. You have probably seen this style of motion capture before - think of the spandex bodysuits with little spheres on them - this is traditional optical based capture.

Traditional motion capture is typically a very expensive process as it require many high resolution cameras and is restricted to a small capture volume - an area covered by those cameras. Our system, however, is sensor based and is not constrained by a volume. Depending on the scenario we can either stream the data wirelessly or capture to a small device that fits on a standard belt. 

As well as our own internal work we've already used this system extensively on a live project, with great results. So if you're interested in using performance capture in your project you can take a look at our performance capture service page where we go into some technical details and you can request a quote.

Eddy Strickland