Our new office is agrazing!

Every studio has a giant cow wall, don't they?

Every studio has a giant cow wall, don't they?

It’s said moving is a pain and since Gelato recently moved studios we thought we’d lessen the emotional impact through a puntacular post. Cud you spot them all and find the theme? Hoof knows? (we double promise this will all make sense).

The mooove was as smooth as milk and our new surroundings are exactly where we want to be as we take on new and exciting projects. 

The new studio is all kinds of lovely and churned our respect immediately with it’s magnificent wall art. No udder studio we know of has anything quite like it and that’s no bull. We never do things by calf at Gelato and now we’re in our new space we couldn’t be happier. You’re probably saying “pull the udder one, how dairy, no one can love a studio that much!”. In response we offer the sight that adorns our new wall and our hearts.

How can you not love it? The new Gelato studio are here and we’re ready to go.

P.S. Congratulations if you guessed our theme, yes it was medieval French poetry.

Eddy Strickland