Announcing the 3D Scan Store!

Just a few of the 3D Scans already availible in the 3D Scan Store.

Just a few of the 3D Scans already availible in the 3D Scan Store.

Today we're announcing the brand new 3D Scan Store. The Gelato 3D Scan Store is a 24/7 one stop shop where you can pick out a scan you'd like and have it in your scene in a matter of minutes. All scans are scaled to their correct physical dimensions and come pack with 8K Diffuse, Normal and Displacement maps - all ready to go!

All scans have a rendered preview along with 4 images to show you a clay render, the topology, the unlit colour texture and finally a normal map - giving you an idea of how much detail the scans pack!

We're launching the store with Phase 1 - Fruits, Vegetables and Breads. Our Phase 1 scans are perfect additions for architectural visualisation scenes and making your beautiful work feel lived in. See something you like in the preview? Check out the store, there's a lot more already on offer.

The next step is Phase 2 - our Simulation and Destruction packs - smashed up wood, concrete, bricks, you name it! Everything you need for adding that extra photoreal touch to your physical destruction scenes. Phase 2 is currently processing and will start hitting the store over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for it.

We're also taking requests so if you've got a scan in mind please get in contact with us.

We've had some very lovely press about the Scan Store launch, if you're interested in reading what others have been saying about the Gelato Scan Store, check out these publications:

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