It's our second birthday!

Gelato Second Birthday Grey.gif

Parents inform us that the second year existence is apparently the worst. The terrible twos are to be feared and, if possible, avoided entirely. However as Gelato turns two we’re feeling pretty groovy as there’s excitement in the air and cake on the table!

It's hard to believe that it has already been two years since Gelato first launched back in 2015. Since then we’ve worked on so many incredible projects, attended so many amazing events and made so many lovely new clients that it’s tricky to know where the time went.

Since those initial steps as a company we’ve evolved year on year, month on month. In 2016 we graduated from high definition and wrapped up on our first 4k production. After that we decided that 4k wasn't enough of a challenge and we completed work on our first stereo 6k production. At Gelato we dig more ks, ‘kay?

We expanded our services and launched our in house Performance Capture service, 3D Scanning for all your scanning needs and over the next few days we have an entirely new service launching. News on that to follow soon.

Phew, someone make us a coffee - and we’ll take a biscuit while you’re up - looks like this new chapter is going to be every part as busy and exciting as its predecessors. We can't wait to get started and discover what will happen at Gelato next!

PS Birthday cards to the usual address :)

Eddy Strickland