3D Product Scanning



Over the course of 7 years, Gelato has honed our 3D scanning services, we've figured out the best off the shelf software and we've greatly enhanced it with our own custom in-house scripts and programs. We now have a incredible scanning service that can be applied to your company's products.

The Process

With our company's custom built ultra high resolution scanner we can scan a product of any size. Digitising not just its three dimensional proportions with millimetre accuracy, but also capturing the colour in extremely high resolution. 

Using Scan Data

This scan data can be used in a number of ways. You could embed a 3D viewer on your website - to show off your product in any angle that your customers would like to see! Or you could use this data to produce beautiful product visualisation and adverts. We can also embed 3D scans into a PDF files so you can e-mail that PDF to anyone in your network with an interest in your products.

The best thing about 3D scanning is that nothing looks more real than something that is real! That's why we recommend our 3D Scanning service to our clients who are seeking an exact 1:1 representation of their products.


Here's an example of a gaming figurine with dramatic lighting and with natural lighting. We've kept the textures low quality on this but we can increase the texture resolution to meet a clients specification 

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